Westby Syttende Mai

 May 15, 2021!!



Westby Syttende Mai & HAP, Inc announce .....

Westby has had many decades of continued Syttende Mai celebrations and 2020 should still be observed, just in a different way.

We want to make sure that our community will keep the tradition and its observance and show off our Norwegian heritage
even with the Safer at Home and social distancing rules not allowing for our normal celbration festivities! 

All over the city of  Westby you may have noticed windows with decorated with hearts for the past few weeks
and now Westby Syttende Mai and HAP, INC would like you to decorate those windows and almost anything else for the 2020 Syttende Mai observance!

Starting any time in May, all Westby and area citizens are invited to decorate for Syttende Mai (May 17, 2020)
That might include your home, porch, door, window, yard, church site, business, fence, kids’ bikes, vehicle, etc. 

In addition, you might want to wear that bunad,
have your kids or your pets dress up in all things Norse,
bake those special Norwegian pastries!
Your creativity is encouraged!!! 

Take 1 or more pictures of your efforts and upload them on our website www.westbysyttendemai.com on the Virtual SM Form. 
If you’d like to add names, a bit of description, or other, we welcome that as well. 
Your submissions will be posted in the following locations
Westby Syttende Mai website
Westby Syttende Mai Facebook pages
HAP, Inc. (History Alive Project) facebook page

Your photo(s) will be forever noted in Syttende Mai history and be a part of the upcoming 
birthday celebration for the City of Westby!

 Dave Amundson of History Alive Project has offered to transfer all of the photos you submit on to a DVD!

That DVD would be placed in the "100th Westby as a City Birthday Party”  TIME CAPSULE!
The 100th Westby as a City celebration is still scheduled for August 22!

We want this to be fun for you and your whole family while also observing the rules of Safer at Home and social distancing guidelines
so please don't make a special trip to purchase supplies to decorate with.

Use what you have and let your creativity shine!

Share some information about your photo(s) that we can include on our website and social media page with your photo(s).
My submission of photos via this website grants permission and gives my consent to Syttende Mai – 17th of May, Inc. for the use of the photograph(s) or electronic media images for display on their website and social media sites as part of the 2020 Virtual Syttende Mai observance. I understand that with my authorization below the photograph(s) may never be revoked. My typed name below serves as my electronic signature and consent of release for use of the submitted photos.

2020 Keep It on The GO - Participants

Submitted by Shelley Gabrielson

Submitted by the Holens

Submitted by Jenna Sloan

Some gnomes from Norway, visited our house and our son Jotun Anderson, age 2, was very excited about it.
Submitted by Tucker Anderson

Happy Syttende Mai from Bland Clinic - submitted by Megan Swiggum

Sharing the spirit of Syttende Mai with residents and staff of Norseland Nursing Home in Westby
with these Norwegian-themed, denim pocket door decorations! - Submitted by Courtney Moser.

We’ve been getting ready to celebrate Syttende Mai at the Old Times . Lefse and Rosettes done for Sunday’s traditional meal of meatballs and mashed potatoes/gravy. Today we enjoyed rommogrot with our afternoon coffee. Drive by and give us a wave if we are outside! Glad Syttende Mai everyone!! Submitted by Mary Connelly


Hub's Fries has been privileged to be a part of Syttende Mai for over 40 years. 
I have uploaded a few photos from past Syttende Mais. Lowell and Carol Hubbard, who started Hub's Fries, are in the first photo. The second photo shows people waiting in line for fries at Syttende Mai 2004. 
The last photo, taken at Syttende Mai 2011, is of a loyal customer who had a cone of Hub's Fries painted on his face.

Happy Syttende Mai from Fleming Insurance! -Decorated by Jothen, Strangstalien and Justin Families, 
Rosemaling by Mary Strangstalien, Wreath by McKenna Jothen

Celebrating Syttende Mai by wearing their Norway jerseys!
Submitted by Anna Gilbeck-Moilien
Pictures are of Axel (age 4) and Everly (age 2) Reeb, children of Lauren Olstad and Patrick Reeb (West Bend, WI). 
Their grandparents are Joel and Kim Olstad of Westby, WI. 
Outfits were originally sewn in 1989 by their Great-Grandmother, Margaret Olstad of Westby, WI (deceased). 
Submitted by Lauren Olstad.
Submitted by Jessi Kinserdahl-Hill (she painted that masked gnome!)
You can find more of her artwork at Wehling's Farm Store

Gratulerer med 17. mai! Klem fra Bekkum Memorial Library

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