Westby Syttende Mai

  May 18 - 19, 2019!!


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The HUNT is ON!

The Westby Syttende Mai weekend would not be complete without having its annual "Troll Hunt."
 This year, two trolls are being hidden with separate sets of clues for each; 
this is also the first year that the two have been given their official first names!  

A variety of clue writers and hiders have worked hard over the past decades, 
trying to stump the Festival's many would be "detectives, with varying degrees of success. 
This year's clue sets have been composed and designed to be "hard" and "medium hard" 
so as to require a bit more "sleuthing" skill for each as compared with past years' clue sets.     

Very early on, the late Eric Leum began the first hunt, 
followed by a 30 - plus year stint, beginning in the early 1970s, 
by now retired local attorney and Court Commissioner, Russ Hanson. 
Upon his retirement, Attorney Kevin Connelly and his wife did the job for a few years. 

Keeping with the long-standing tradition, 
this year's clue sets will again appear in the Connelly Law Office front window.  

Since then, a variety of following individuals 
have been asked by the Westby Syttende Mai Board 
to do the "getting stuff written and hiding the trolls" work.


Sporting her gold crown,
she is an almost 4 - inch tall ceramic grand lady!
She bears her name quite proudly
as it is derived from an old Norse mythology sorceress character, meaning "secrecy."  
A portion of her tail can be seen
peeking discretely from under her skirt;
loving her daily nap,
she loves to nestle down inside a soda can
with a bit room to spare.
She's the "new kid on the Syttende Mai block,"
having  just been hidden more recently
than her fellow troll.
Her set of clues will be posted here, as well as our Facebook page and the front window of the Connelly Law Offices.

1. In the past, I would have heard the city's fire bell towering "stately" overhead.


  This grinning, well-worn 3 - ½ inch tall, wooden fella,
has been in almost every hunt
since Syttende Mai 1st began
so he is somewhat worn and faded;
very noticeably, he has but one tooth;
since the Norwegian word for "tooth" is "tann,"
he's happy to bear his name with pride,
even with his severe dental issues;
he's mighty small and has been seen resting
in his own empty soda can during the "off season."
His set of clues will be posted here, as well as our Facebook
page and the front window of the Connelly Law Offices.

1. In early history, it was "stated" as a "holy roller" event.




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