Westby Syttende Mai

 May 15, 2021!!



  Our fondest farewell 
It is with great sorrow that we say goodbye to three longtime supporters of our festival.......
These three attended parades, events and appearances without fail since the mid 90's.
They have been a major part of our public recognition at parades and every once in awhile could be spotted
walking the streets of Westby on a Saturday afternoon back when they were still young and spry.

Our three beloved trolls have decided to retire to parts unknown
(they wouldn't even tell the president where they were headed!)
Age and health have made them unable to keep up with the hectic schedule our royalty partakes in all year long.....
something about arthritis, cold weather, and corns on their feet from all the walking they have done over the years
and actually being scared of small children....who would have thought!
Here are some pictures of our beloved "Troll Trio"


they will be greatly missed....

  We have some great news!!!!!
Knowing their importance and how the Royalty wouldn't want to
make a  "troll-less" appearance.....
they made a few calls to their homeland of Norway and have arranged for
their relatives to make the journey and take their places!!!!
We are hoping that they will arrive before this year's Syttende Mai....
however there is just one catch.....

In reminiscing with our "Old" trolls....it came to our attention that we never gave them names.
How could we have overlooked this!!!! ~~~ We are so embarrassed that we never thought of this!
The"New" trolls have decided that would like for us to give them their "TROLL NAMES"
but there is a twist!
We have to name them before they arrive...BEFORE WE EVEN GET TO MEET THEM!!!!
We know what you are thinking, CRAZY...RIGHT!!!!

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