Westby Syttende Mai

  May 18 - 19, 2019!!


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Entry Information


What is a commercial/business entry?
A commercial entry is any entry that advertises for a business 
or displays contact information or a logo 
for a specific business. 
This includes civic or non-profit entries that are 
being pulled or powered by a vehicle 
which displays the above-noted business information.

Non-Profit entries powered by a commercial vehicle, 
need to be sure that all 
 business information on the vehicle is covered 
or you will be considered a commercial entry 
and required to submit
 the commercial fee.
Political Candidate / Political Party Entries:
A political candidate cannot and will not be allowed to
 "piggyback" on a political party entry. 
Each one must complete their own entry 
and submit the fee for that entry.
Failure to submit your entry correctly 
will result in your entry being returned 
and placement delayed until it is corrected.

We will try to place you in the lineup 
as close as possible if noted on your form which entry 
you would like to be close to but 
there are no guarantees.
We will start emailing entry forms to those whose email addresses 
we have on file.

If you did not receive an entry form, 
we had no emailed address on file for your group/entry.

Forms are available to the left to download and complete.

Please be sure to mail them to the address on the form, 
failure to do so could delay processing 
or result in your form not being received in time.
Please email any questions or concerns to:

Line Up Maps

Please follow the directions on this map to enter the line up 
at the correct location in regards to your line up number. 
Because there will be a lot going on 
and the parade may still be happening 
when you have finished the route, 
we ask that you follow these exit routes. 

You will not be allowed to come back through to 
your starting point as there will more than likely 
still be entries stepping off to travel 
through the parade route.

 You will NOT be allowed to tear down your entry 
behind the school as it will create a jam 
in the outflow from the parade and you will not be allowed 

Entry Forms

Equestrian Form available soon.


Forms for Royalty Entries & Band Entries have been sent directly 
to last year's participating entries. 
If you did not receive a form and would like to attend, 
please email 



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