Westby Syttende Mai

 May 15, 2021!!


2011 Royalty

Princess: Rachel Maxwell
 1st Attendant: Chelsea Daines
2nd Attendant: Jessica Rybold

Princess Rachel receiving her crown from 2010 Princess Autumn Gabrielson


2011 Syttende Mai Royalty
Being a part of the Syttende Mai Royalty is more than just representing our city and festival. It's about new experiences, adventures and friendships. It's both rewarding and challenging in many ways, and the experiences gained here will follow you through your entire life! We also want to make sure those ladies who are thinking about running should know that the Princess Committee and the Board of Directors feel strongly that family, church and school should be first and foremost... attendance of Syttende Mai related activities is not mandatory should there be a conflict, we are willing to make necessary adjustments so you are not made to choose one event or function over the other.
We present to you the 2011 Princess and her court!

From Left to Right
2nd Attendant - Jessica Rybold
Princess - Rachel Maxwell
1st Attendant - Chelsea Daines
A few pictures from the Banquet & Coronation!

Nine candidates await the judges decision!

Princess Rachel Maxwell accompanied by her sponsors from Borgen's Cafe

1st Attendant Chelsea Daines accompanied by her sponsors from Embroidery & More

2nd Attendant Jessica Rybold accompanied by her sponsor from Harris Bank
Thank you to the Princess Committee!

Thank you to the Princess Committee. Their time and dedication is truly appreciated. Thank you for all that you have done and continue to do!

Amy Adam

Carmen Fortun

Jean Geier

David Kraabel

Shelley Fauske

Kim Olstad

Marcy Haugen

Joy Moser, Chairperson

                 A Little Royal Fun!

2011 Princess & Attendants pictured with their sponsors 
More fun to come!
As the year unfolds we will be posting photos from each event as they happen.

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